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Euston Real Estate Worth

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Image of Euston
Euston is a quiet, scenic, little river town, located in the south-west region of New South Wales. The town of Euston itself has a population of fewer than 1,000 residents, and lies just 6 kilometres downstream of Robinvale, Victoria. Euston is a small service centre on the banks of the Murray River. Typical of the prevailing agriculture of the Riverina, Euston is completely surrounded by vineyards. Its primary appeal is its location on the Murray River. There is a boat ramp and several sandbars which means it is ideal for swimming, fishing and camping. Euston is located 933 km west of Sydney via the Great, Mid Western and Sturt Highways and 483 km from Melbourne via Bendigo and Swan Hill, and 500 kilometres east of Adelaide.
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