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Image of Mount Keira
Mount Keira is a suburb and mountain in the Illawarra region of New South Wales, Australia. The suburb, a semi-rural township of Wollongong, located on the mountain's summit and southern flank, gets its name from the mountain, located on the Illawarra escarpment Mount Keira is located 4 kilometres northwest of the city of Wollongong. Its distinctive shape and proximity to Wollongong make it a major local landmark. It is noted for the views of the city from the popular summit lookout and its history of coal mining. Mount Keira is a suburb of South Coast, New South Wales and is about 69 kms south- southwest of NSW's capital city of Sydney. In the 2011 Australian census the population of Mount Keira was 1,522 when there were 755 Females and 767 Males living there. The median age for people living in Mount Keira was 38
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